To date, every year since its inception, BWC has achieved some thing! To see ALL our Achievements please click here

With specific goals in mind Beauty Without Cruelty has sincerely carried out its work, however kept a low profile. Most tasks undertaken have been difficult, often seemed impossible to achieve, but frustration has never made the organization give up even when implementation was stalled. Sticking to the facts, a persistent follow-up and constantly looking for new ways to achieve its aims has led BWC to success in many instances. 

Our Achievements between 2000 and 2010 are:


After a gap of 25 years, newly worded BWC Pledge forms in English and Hindi were circulated among members informing them it was entirely voluntary. The response indicated that veganism was catching on fast.

Hinsa vs. Ahinsa
Based on BWC’s motto, Hinsa vs. Ahinsa launched on e-mail a year earlier, was printed as a book and distributed to BWC members and others. The first edition till end of 2010 was also published on CD, uploaded on our BWC website and on the BWC page on Face book. It contained messages commemorating special days and themes pertaining to animal rights’ issues. (Every fortnight Hinsa vs. Ahinsa is e-mailed to members and others and once a year selected numbers are printed in a book for members.)


Foie gras withdrawn
Pâté de foie gras was on Air India’s first class passengers’ menu until 2008, when BWC objected to it. On getting the know that foie gras is the diseased livers of ducks and geese, obtained through force feeding, some top restaurants in Delhi and department stores promised not to serve or sell it. 

Orkut deleted cruel Communities
In view of Orkut’s policy that they “did not allow violent text or images promoting animal cruelty” BWC approached Google Inc. and they deleted a few communities which narrated horrid stories of how they killed or tortured animals and encouraged others to do so.

Veg @ Lent Recipes
It was decided to annually print thousands of copies of a leaflet entitled Veg @ Lent containing vegan recipes and get them distributed through Churches during Lent. The recipe leaflet was also appreciated by others.

2009 onwards Veg @ Lent recipe leaflets can be downloaded from under Recipes on this website.

Again in 2014, about 50% buffaloes, goats and chickens from India that were scheduled to be killed were saved.
Nevertheless in July 2015, it was a victory for animal rights activists when under pressure of a Supreme Court of Nepal injunction won on 24 November 2014 by the Nepal Animal Welfare & Research Center, the Secretary of the Gadhimai Temple Trust declared “We have decided to completely stop the practice of animal sacrifice.”

Ban on Dhirio stays
Despite political efforts to repeal, the ban on Dhirio bull-fights in Goa, continue.
(Read about this achievement in 1998.)


Beauty Without Cruelty’s Phonetic Alphabet
BWC developed the following Phonetic Alphabet for use by animal activists. It was printed in Compassionate Friend and is available as a bookmark.

A Animal H Horse O Ox V Vulture
B Bird I Insect P Parrot W Whale
C Cow J Jaguar Q Queen bee X X-Ray fish
D Dog K Kangaroo R Rabbit Y Yak
E Elephant L Lion S Sheep Z Zebra
F Fox M Monkey T Tiger
G Goat N Nightingale U Unicorn